Discovering, identifying and acting on what you need to be about based on who you are as God has gifted and made you.....there is nothing more energizing and enlivening! But often a person has trouble getting traction...there is a piece of the puzzle missing. Coaching can move you forward and help you fit the pieces together....so you can actually be who you are as well as do what really matters to you, to God and for a better world!   
 Executive and Missional Leader Coaching....for church leaders...
-get traction in the things you know you need and want to be doing!-discover how to truly equip others and reduce your work load to what really counts!-lead and manage (know the difference!) for ministry multiplication!-move from holding on to getting in gear!
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Life Coachingfor all who follow Jesus...-take steps so faith is more than words!-discover your unique part in God’s dream for the world!-take discipleship from a concept to a reality!-discover how to live sent!-act on what God calls you to do, not what others think!-Get from where you are to where you want to be! 
Mini-Book by Coach Johan! The Five Marks of Missional Leaders Toolbox 1.0! Excellent professional development tool for leaders today; includes how to use coaching for your learning and growth! Available at Amazon.com, eBook or hard copy.
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Brand New Mini-Book by Coach Johan!  September 2018. Religion-Less Christianity and Renewing the Church.The way forward in renewing the faith that has honesty, integrity, authenticity and relevance is not to take a church style and change it but rather take a way of thinking about God (theology) and re-make it. The author uses 20th century pastor, teacher, author, martyr Dietrich Bonhoeffer's thinking on "Religion-Less Christianity" applied to today's church to offer a framework for renewing the 21st century church. Available at Amazon.com, eBook or hard copy.