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The MISSION of Being and Doing Matters Coaching is to come along-side individuals to help them accomplish what they define needs to be done based on what they hear God calling them to be and do, who they are and what resources they have. 
The VISION of Being and Doing Matters Coaching is to resource as many people as possible to answer their Calling for a more fulfilled life and a safer and more secure planet.

About the Coach!

Dr. Johan Bergh is an International Coaching Federation Associate Certified Coach (ICF/ACC) and an ELCA Endorsed Coach (The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America certification), ELCA Licensed Coach Trainer and ELCA Coach Mentor and with over 35 years experience as a church pastor in challenging and invigorating mission settings!
Mobile: 407-353-2006
Email: johan@beinganddoingmatters.com